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Exclusive Listing Video Information Form

We use text animations to highlight special features of the home such as number of beds, number of baths, gourmet kitchen, 4 car garage, square footage, highlights of the neighborhood/area, etc. Please provide up to 12 text animations would you like to add into your listing video. Please keep animations to one sentence or shorter.

We want to make sure your listing video has adequate branding. Please upload your head shot and logo in a JPEG file.


Custom music and sounds will be added to the video. Please choose below which vibe you would like your video to have. If you are unsure, please just leave blank and we will choose which best fits the property. 


We want to make sure nothing is missed. Please describe any details you would like to add to the video such as selling points about the home and the surrounding areas. 

What is the vibe of the area of the listing? What footage would you like to see in your video besides the house itself?

What to expect:


Exclusive listing videos range from 2-4 minutes long. We ask that the home is completely ready for photos. Shooting video is very different than capturing still photos and we will need the home show ready. (Please refer to the check list under resources to help your sellers accomplish this) 

You can expect 2-4 hours of shoot time, depending on the size of the home and 5-7 days for turn around time. 

Once the video is made, there is very little editing that can be done. Please make sure everything you want to see in the video is added into this form. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch with any questions.

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